SIP Panels
The main structural elements of your building will usually be built using structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs). These are a combination of strong and durable wooden boarding (OSB), bonded in the manufacturing process to polyurethane insulating foam. There are different grades and qualities of SIP panels and ours are the same as those used in major building projects… being fully accredited by the BBA and welcomed by Building Control. SIP panels, when cut to size, properly jointed and expertly installed create one of the most highly efficient and robust structures presently available. They exceed all current building regulations for heat insulation, air-tightness and structural loadings as well as lowering time spent on site creating your garden room.

The unseen and vital basis of your new garden room. We will recommend the optimum kind of foundation system to match your requirements. We will also take into account the ground conditions on site and the surroundings (such as trees and other buildings). The most commonly used systems are:

Concrete Slab
This requires the greatest amount of preparation time as there would be considerable excavation and backfilling with hardcore, insulation and steel reinforcement if required. It can be used when ground conditions are particularly poor or to maximise ceiling height when roof height is limited, or for buildings where there will be heavy stresses and loadings upon the floor.

Concrete Pads
These still have the strength of concrete but are isolated to a set of support points under the building. The floor of the building would then be constructed from SIP panels within a treated timber ring. This would be less invasive than a concrete slab and can usually be completed on day one of the installation.

These are SIP panels with strengthening steel beams if required. Flat roofs are usually covered with a single piece of EPDM, a thick rubber sheet made by Firestone. The system is permanent and of excellent quality. Pitched roofs can also use this material or a more traditional tiled or slate roof.

Sedum roofs are popular on flat or slightly sloped roofs. They require a stronger roof structure to hold the additional weight. A lighter weight, slimmer alternative is the use of artificial grass, a softer appearance which reduces cost.

Windows and Doors
French casement, bi-fold, sliding glazed curtain walls are all excellent choices. As systems improve, we can offer less frame and more glass coupled with easier opening and improved security. Powder coated aluminium offers an increased range of colours. Large sections of walls can be replaced by glass panels to create beautiful designs.

Electrical Installations
Power is usually brought to the garden from the main consumer unit in your existing house. Occasionally this will require modification to ensure conformity to strict building regulations to provide a safe, effective and certified system.