Chillout Room, Troon

by Aroha Escapes


Chillout Room, Troon

by Aroha Escapes

This client came to us looking for a room that the whole family could enjoy at the back of the garden. Due to the south-facing orientation of the garden, it enjoys the sun all day long, meaning it made the perfect location for this garden room.

For this room there is a fitted TV on the wall, a desk for homework and a couch with garden furniture on the deck for the whole family to relax in.

The room has hard wired ethernet cable so there is full Wi-Fi coverage available in this room, despite it being away from the main house.

The client requested that the new garden room structure fill the bottom end of the garden, as it narrows at that end.

To achieve this and maximise the space, we left four inches of space between either side of the room and the stone wall, leaving no dead space at the end of the garden. With the lack of access at either side, we used black corrugated steel sheets for the sides, so they won’t ever have to be treated.

The result is one of our most spectacular garden rooms to date. The client is delighted and now has somewhere for the whole family to enjoy year-round. Perfect for relaxing, hosting friends or escaping to do some work in.


Room Size: 4.5m x 3m

Decking Size: Pre-existing

Cladding: C50 Black cladding

Doors and Windows: Black PVC sliding doors

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