Garden Room Cladding

by Aroha Escapes


Garden Room Cladding

by Aroha Escapes

One of the most stand out features of any garden room is the exterior cladding and how well the room sits nestled into its surrounding area. We take picking the cladding of your new garden room very seriously as our rooms are built to last and will be part of your home for decades to come so making sure the cladding will stand the test of time and still look as good is very important to us.

We offer a wide range of claddings from your standard timber square edge Siberian larch to a more specialised timber like the IRO cladding that is scorched during manufacturing and treated in a wood cream to colour it.  This method of scorching the timber and then treating it with a cream enhances the strength and lifespan of the timber.

One of our most popular exterior cladding is the Cedral board. This is a composite board with a wood grain finish made up of fibre cement.  Being made of fire cement has many huge benefits that appeal to our clients such as, there is no maintenance, and the boards are resistant to rot and warping with a minimum life expectancy of over 50 years.  In regards the safety aspect of this cladding Cedral has achieved a fire performance rating of Class 0 which is the best classification ratings that can be achieved.

With this in mind, Cedral offer over 20 colour options and there is two styles of fitting the cladding with one option being a CLICK style where the boards click one on top of each other giving you a more contemporary feel and the other option being LAP in a more traditional feel.

The final advantage of the Cedral board over traditional timber that is common place in garden rooms is that the Cedral fibre cement board is resistant to all kinds of weather, from sever frosts and torrential rain to high heat and direct sunlight.

Please see a link to the Cedral cladding website for more information: Cedral




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