Home Gym, Troon

by Aroha Escapes


Home Gym, Troon

by Aroha Escapes

Having previously worked with this client, it was great to have him get in touch again for this new project.

A gym fanatic, the client required a second garden room built on his property. Due to gym closures during the COVID-19 lockdowns, the client desperately needed his own space to workout in.

The main challenge for us on this project was the small space available in the garden due to the original garden room. We used an area of free space close to the house and utilized the concrete slab the original room was already sitting on. The original timber decking was also re-used for this new garden room.

In terms of special requirements, the client needed enough space to carry out his regular exercise routines. Sufficient height was required to be able to do burpees, while there needed to be enough floor space to be able to easily move an exercise bike and use other equipment and weights.

We fitted rubber mats to protect the floor from any damage from the heavy equipment and to make things more comfortable for the client. The home gym was finished with skirting and full-sized mirrors fitted to the wall. These really help to open the space up a bit more and allow light to reflect around the room.

Throughout the worst months of the pandemic many people struggled without access to a gym. This installation was a lifesaver for the client during such times, and he uses it every day.


Room size: 3m x 2.3m

Decking size: Re-used existing decking

Cladding: C01 White cladding

Doors and windows: Anthracite Grey PVC sliding doors


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