Modular Building in a Booming Market

by Aroha Escapes


Modular Building in a Booming Market

by Aroha Escapes

First let us answer, what is modular construction?

Modular construction is the process of building units constructed off-site, in a factory environment, to form a complete building. These can be permanent or temporary structures finished to a complete turnkey finish before they arrive on site. Units are often transported to a location and craned into place.  However, modular units can be freestanding structures in themselves, taking the form of entire houses or office pods, delivered directly to site, ready for placement.

The benefits of this style of construction help everyone from the client, the environment, building inspectors, construction workers and the whole build process in a whole.

To name a few advantages:

  • Lesser time constraint, as construction can be brought to site very quickly following the completion of groundworks, limiting build and disruption times on-site.
  • Reduced risk of defects, as units generally undergo a more rigorous quality assurance process than a traditional build may do, before being delivered to a client.
  • Modular construction is not dependent on environmental factors, such as weather conditions, therefore lowering the overall risk level of the project.
  • Helps reduce carbon footprint by building within a factory helping the government to reach there goal of net zero by 2050.
  • We have found our staff enjoy the process of coming to the workshop and build something from start to finish in a warm and dry environment.
  • Contractors such as plumbers and electricians enjoys seeing the ready made units are sitting ready for them to do first and second fix with them being able to move around the whole building in a matter of minutes.

With our recent complete projects from glamping pods in Dalmellington to a full house build in Fort William. We have found the clients have enjoyed being a part of the build process and having the ability to do a full inspection of the modular units before they leave the factory.

Our factory in Stevenston is designed and built to take on large modular projects and we are looking forward to completing all the projects in our order books for 2022.

For more information on how we can offer you a more efficient build on your next modular project please get in touch.


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