Garden Room, Seamill

by Aroha Escapes

garden room in ayrshire


Garden Room, Seamill

by Aroha Escapes

The client came to us looking for a multi-functional garden room that combines a creative area for the kids and a spacious home office.

As the client moved into their new home only last year, they wanted a room and deck area that was completely maintenance-free and would complement the colours of the new build home.

Cedral cladding is a fibre cement board which wont shrink, crack or lose its shape. With a variety of colours available, it was a perfect fit for our client.

We decided to use non-slip and maintenance-free millboard decking for this project as we felt it was the right choice for this clients’ requirements. The client opted for a ‘smoked oak’ colour for the decking that works well with the garden room and the rest of the garden.

In terms of special requirements, the client asked for a curve in the decking and were happy to oblige. She also requested that we fit shelving and a worktop for a desk to allow her to work from.

The main challenge we faced on this project was issues with the ground. Due to it being a new build, the ground was filled with rock and stone. With a bit of patience, we were able to overcome this obstacle and go straight through and get all screw piles into the ground at the required height.

This garden room is great for working, playing and exercising all year round.

Technical Specs

Room size: 5m x 3m

Decking size: 5m x 2m with curve

Cladding: C51 Silver Grey cladding

Decking: Smoked Oak Millboard decking


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