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Aroha Escapes design, supply, and install stunning Garden Rooms across Ayrshire & Scotland.

Discover your dream escape, and transform your garden into a beautiful living space. 

Garden Room & Modular Building Specialists across Ayrshire & Scotland

At Aroha Escapes, we strive to build more than just a garden room but an Escape where you can work, rest, and play in your very own bespoke getaway all year round. Having supplied many households in Scotland with beautiful Garden Rooms, it is important to us to create a space with the same warmth and comforts as a room in your own house.  From the first ground screw in the soil to having the room finished we are typically 2 weeks or less on site.

Exterior Lights

We offer a wide range of exterior

wall lights, but our two main best

sellers are the standard black up

and down lights and the black

steel glass case lights with

vintage bulbs.


Utilising the best EPDM rubber,

our single piece membrane will

protect your garden room without

the need for maintenance and

with a 20-year warranty. Also

available as a Sedum Green roof.

Other roof coverings available for

pitched roof design such as slate,

box profile steel and Metrotile.

Soffit Lights

Our IP44 rated downlights are

ideal choice for the soffits as they

don’t rust due to being coated in

a special Dupont paint which is

guaranteed for 20 years.


Double glazed A rated performance.

-Available with aluminium, or uPVC.

-Choose from bifold, sliding, French

or single in an array of colour choices.

-Bespoke options


We have an option for all budgets.

-Millboard is our zero maintenance

composite board. Its non porous

surface means it has excellent

anti-slip properties and won’t

absorb food or beverage spillages.

Available in Enhanced Grain and

Weathered surface textures.

Available in many colour choices.

-IRO Timber which is our heat

enhanced coloured timber decking

gives you more design flair

opportunities than standard timber.

Available in ten colour choices.

-We also offer European Pine decking

as an option.

-All of our decking uses a treated

timber frame to screw piles or

treated timber posts.

Window Layout

Double glazed A rated performance.

-Available with aluminium, uPVC or

timber frames.

-Choose from an array of sizes and


-Bespoke options


The exterior of your garden room

should reflect your taste and style.

Choose from.

-Natural timber including Siberian

Larch, Western Red Cedar or


-Heat Enhanced IRO timber

available in ten colour choices.

-Cedral fibre cement board with

zero maintenance available in

many colour options.

Ground Screws

No digging required resulting in

the following benefits:

-No preparation required.

-Galvanized steel.

-Low carbon alternative to


-Install without mess or damage.

-Install all year round.

-Install in hard to access areas.


Garden Room

As our garden rooms in Scotland are bespoke, each room is carefully designed and constructed to your precise specifications, so no two rooms are ever the same.

Many years of providing households across Scotland & Ayrshire has enabled us to incorporate an array of high-grade materials and processes resulting in exceptional quality and aesthetics on each room.

Our timber clad rooms will weather beautifully with time resulting in a silver appearance whereas our fibre cement composite clad rooms will look as good in 10 years’ time as they do on the day of completion. With our wide range of cladding materials you can be sure to find the right fit for your garden.

Whatever style and use for your outside space in Scotland, we have a solution for you.

Wall Mounted Products

We’ll provide additional

structural fittings within the

walls to support wall mounted

products at no additional cost.

Ethernet Connectivity

We can provide ethernet cable

from your home router to the

garden room for Wifi.


Each room includes full certified

electrics including connection to

your home fuse box. Optional

upgrade to smart components.

Interior Walls

Interior walls will hold 100mm

thick rockwool insulation held

within a 4”x 2” timber frame.

The interior finish will be a

smooth plaster over a 12.5mm

Gyproc wall. For a more

traditional look another option

would be an MDF v-groove

wall panelling.

Interior Lights

GU10 LED downlights, fire

rated fittings in white, polished

or satin chrome & brass finish.

All our lights have the option

to be dimmable.


With there being literally thousands

of flooring options, we advise our

clients to source their own flooring,

however, we will install at no additional

cost. Once we lay your flooring we will

finish it with 100mm MDF pencil

round skirting boards.


Roof/Ceiling 100mm

mineral wool.

Walls 100mm mineral wool.

Floor 100mm Rigid PIR.


Garden Room Interiors

Having a room in the garden is more than sitting in a fancy shed. We build rooms you can comfortably enjoy all year round. With thick walls filled with insulation, breather membranes, timber frames, vapour barriers, robust cladding and internal Gyproc finished off with a smooth plaster you can be sure the room will hold the heat throughout the wintry months.

Adding special features like installing Wi-Fi cables, Wall mounted TV’s, slim line panel radiators and fitted sound systems in the ceilings adds to the comfort and enjoyment of the room.

Whether you are looking for a new office space, a fully fitted gym or even an entertaining space with a bespoke bar we create rooms that will be used daily and will ultimately add value to your home.

Please look around this example of a finished room.


A wall mural is a fun way of adding

depth and design to your room. A

feature wall like this can be fitted

straight onto our smooth plastered

walls. With a design like this we

would work around a decorator to

accommodate their installation

day. We have a couple of wall

murals in our head office as

theyare a fun way to add

brightness to a room.


On this design we brought in two

styles of worktops. The top worktop

we had made curved to create a

feature and the bottom worktop we

had long and squared.

LED Lighting

With LED cables can be installed

behind or under the worktop, the

full length of the bar or downlight

illuminating up the glass shelves.

We always look to work with our

customers to create their perfect

bar space.


Yes we do small sections of

tilling too. Tiles behind the

illuminated shelves are a

great feature for any bar.

Wall Radiators

We can provide modern flat panel

white radiators that sit out 70mm

from the wall. These radiators have

a thermostat which won’t let the

room fall below a predetermined

temperature. Like the cast iron

radiator in the picture supplied

by the client we are happy to fit

for them at no extra cost.


Bespoke flooring like this Koto

Sesame flooring from Tapi Carpets

is another company who came in

once we had laid our 22mm

chipboard and they were able to

apply their specialist tile flooring

which took 2 days to complete.

IRO Timber Clad

IRO cladding is a scorched timber

which is finished in a wood cream

to give it a smooth, glossy, and

colourful finish. The internal

cladding comes in 10 colour

options from Charcoal to Sunset.

This material gives the room a

great focal point with its design

and quirky colours.

Bespoke Fridge Units

We can install the bar fridge or

kegs for the beer taps around

the new home bar to ensure all

appliances are neatly fitted and

located in a practical position.  


Bespoke Bar

Adding bespoke features really puts your own stamp on your garden room. From adding custom bars to entertain family and friends, gaming rooms with built-in speakers or a custom gym with reinforced steel in the ceiling to hold a weighted punch bag we can accommodate all aspects of your design.

On bespoke designs we are happy to work alongside specialist contractors in Scotland such as audio and sound systems installers, artists, tilers, stove installers, plumbers and decorators to provide you with the highest standard of service in order to get the best quality finish.

Adding special features like this bar pictured does not have running water for a sink or a toilet. As these options are feasible, they would require a building warrant which would then add to the cost of the build structure to comply with building standards.  Adding utilities such as water, toilet facilities or adding a wood burning stove fire into the room we would work with our architect to gain the relevant permissions.

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